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Empower your “Me Power”

Larry uses meditationPlus as a backbone to most of his teachings. His superpower is his ability to demystify meditation and make it relevant and accessible to anyone.

After 45 years of meditating, Larry understands how meditation can compliment a busy lifestyle. "We want the benefits, but don't have time to meditate all day." Knowing this, he has designed an effective system that actually targets the benefits meditation has to offer. By combining techniques from the two most popular styles of meditation then adding secrets of his own, Larry offers the easiest and most effective way to meditate. His students call it meditationPlus, as in mantra + mindfulness + more. A mantra keeps you focused while mindfulness keeps you engaged. And the final "plus" promises to make meditation a long lasting healthy habit.

See how meditationPlus can provide the missing link to improving sleep, overcoming stress and beating addictions, all of which can lead to weight gain, depression, anxiety and other life challenges.

Reduce Your Stress

Larry shows how you can reduce stress, anxiety and depression that can be harmful to the mind and the body. He teaches how to improve sleep, gain self-control, increase happiness and boost self-esteem.

Lose Weight

Larry provides the missing ingredients in most weight-loss (and addiction) programs. Whether it is willpower, stress reduction, sleep issues or behviorial change, Larry delivers advice in his uniquely practical and inspirational style.

Empower Your Life

Larry shares his insights to help you deal with the challenges of your life. Whether you are faced with health issues, weight loss, addiction, sleep problems, toxic relationships, the demands of work or the stress of life, he can help.

Praise for Larry

Classes & Workshops

Larry is an excellent instructor, spiritual guide and a loving person.
He has a very warm and gentle way. That warmth and gentleness go a long way.
A wonderful combination of philosophy, spirituality and exercise
Very inspiring, life changing.
Unbelievable! This guy is so great!
This is the best class I have ever attended!


How to reach the summit of life's success... A homespun paean to the benefits of slowing down.
USA Today
If you do even half of what the Terkel's rcommend, you'll experience dramatic changes in your life.
Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Upbeat and optimistic... This heartening little book is easy to read and its advise easy to implement.
Publishers Weekly

About Larry

Speaking from experience.


Larry is a living example of the yoga and meditation he has been teaching since 1971. His teachings are clear, practical and insightful. They contain both a deep spiritual perspective and a healthy sense of humor.

Larry’s gift is his ability to bring classical teachings to modern life. For example, Larry teaches that a yoga pose is only complete with a smile, that meditation can actually enhance your thinking (not your “not-thinking”) and that what you learn on your yoga mat can be applied to all aspects of your life, including relationships, work and health.

Larry is an E-RYT500, the highest certification given by the national Yoga Alliance. He has personally studied with the world’s foremost yoga and meditation masters, including B.K.S. Iyengar, Swami Satchidananda, Pir Vilayet Inayat Khan, Swami Vishnu Devananda and Baba Ram Das. His yoga YouTube videos which include Secrets to Posture, Headstand and Nauli (stomach rolling) have had hundreds of thousands of views. He is one of the most popular yoga and meditation teachers at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution, in upstate New York and he has taught at Active Minds, the national college suicide prevention organization. He has done numerous keynotes for businesses, graduations, and conferences and is currently teaching Comparative Religions in the Department of Philosophy at Kent State University.

Married in 1970 to his Cornell sweetheart, Larry and Susan have three grown children and four grandchildren. Larry received a B.S. and M.B.A. from Cornell and an M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Kent State. He is a teacher, author, interfaith minister and businessman.

Spiritual Life Society

Founder and Director / 1978 - Current

Larry is the director and minister of one of the oldest holistic centers in the U.S. He has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy to thousands of students there. He has also officiated at over 3,000 weddings, funerals and other life events.

Secrets to Meditation

Co-Founder / Internet / 2009 - Current

Larry launch and helps maintain, a unique online web-portal for evidence based information about the benefits of meditation. It also offers instructional and inspirational web-videos. Secrets to Meditation continues to be a popular resource for meditation and has enjoyed hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Published Books

Small Change / How to Meditate

In his bestselling book Small Change (Tarcher/Penguin), Larry shows how small changes are easier than big makeovers but can still add up to big benefits. Small Change was a finalist for Books for a Better Life and featured in USA Today. In his next book How to Meditate (Carrot Seed Publishing), Larry explains meditationPlus, his easy and effective meditation technique.


Larry is available for workshops, lectures and certification courses.

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(330) 656-0100